When you are ready to engage in the Chinese market for the expansion of your business or even for creation, it is important to know that there are different options to understand, as well as various items to consider. Elements and options that you will most need for decision-making. If Daxue Consulting is not in the best position to make the right choice, then you can have all the data and information you need about the nature of your project.

Project Leaders in China: Team of experts to ensure the best treatment of your projects

Daxue Consulting proves to be your best partner for your entry and development in the Chinese market. Since 2009 to date, the company has already completed nearly 100 projects whose clients have been amply satisfied with the results. The strength and high quality of service provided by Daxue Consulting are based on the composition of its teams, each of which is composed of a senior project manager, two project managers and a few field assistants who will be chosen according to The nature and scope of your project. Teams made up of experts in foreign project management, each profile of which is selected according to specialization and also by sector of the industry. To satisfy as many clients as possible, the company recruited more project managers to complete their teams in each of the offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Beijing. At Daxue Consulting, project managers estimate the average processing time for a project within 4 to 6 months, a time that may seem long enough for clients, but which is nevertheless necessary to ensure proper collection Data and analysis to better understand each project and provide excellent results. Also, project managers consistently receive refresher training to ensure their high level of competence. The methodologies applied by the company have already proved themselves and have already convinced a hundred clients who have already entrusted their project to Daxue Consulting.

Project Leaders in China: A rising market and more liberalization in China

The Chinese market is on the rise again, a finding made particularly in the level of the stock exchanges for the last months of 2016. An increase that should not know the limit for a period of time of time according to the experts. Concrete examples of this rise are the upturns in the real estate sector, a booming industry currently in China and which has even led to inflation in the prices of materials in the retail market. There is also the automotive industry, of which a 20% increase in the sale of cars for private individuals was observed for the last year. Growth in the car market which is forecast for a minimum of 13% this year. This is proof that the Chinese market is booming. Details of the data and the different elements influencing the market for each sector can be given to you by Daxue Conseils after the data collection and analysis has been carried out according to your project and nature. The film industry also represents a significant market share in China, the second largest market in the world after the United States. The latest news in the country also announced the liberalization of some areas of the market, such as finance, and in particular for bankers, insurers, stock exchanges and rating agencies among others. The education, Internet, unconventional oil and gas and telecom sectors will also undergo major reforms to encourage foreign investors to commit themselves.