Many tourists come every year to visit Shanghai because it is a unique city with 2 sides: the economical one and the traditional one.In this city full of surprises ,some places have become essential. I will show you the most amazing ones in the article.

  • The Old Town: In this area, there are magnificent side streets transformed into commercial areas for many tourists, and other narrow and fragrant alleys where people live in a rathers part comfort. At the heart of the old city, there is one of the most beautiful gardens in China , the Yu Garden.
  • Market Lu Jia bang tissues: You will be able to do almost all clothing and linens like curtains at a great price and measure! Shape with the colors through the size of pockets ,you ‘ll be able to give life to your most illusory clothes. Moreover , I advise you to print photos of clothes and linens that will envy you . This will allow you to directly show the model that you want to create , and there will be less likely to get a totally shifted result.
  • The Bund with bars : This is a very wide promenade situated along the river with stunning views of the towers of Pudong. The Bund is one of the most recognizable architectural symbols of Shanghai. The Shanghai Bund symbolizes the pride of the city. Every morning , people gather on the boulevard to exercise and each night , lovers come to walk and enjoy the beautiful view . The Bund displays showcase encouraging developments for Shanghai.
  • FakeMarketImagine a place where you can buy Swatch products, Van’s , Abercrombie , and other brands known in the West at prices up to 90 % cheaper than in France . This place , or rather those places ,are part of the  fake market in Shanghai ! Hereyoucanbuyalmosteverythingyouwant to mind-blowing price !
  • Oriental PearlAn imposing tower located in the new Pudong area , the television Tower The Oriental Pearl will be the symbolic monument of Shanghai. The towering 468 meters high , is the tallest TV tower in Asia and the third in the world after the Tour of Toronto 553.33 meters high in Canada and the TV Tower in Moscow 533 meters high , Russia. The tower consists of 15 spheres of different sizes at different levels creating an artistic conception ,giving the illusion that ” large and small pearls flow on a jade plate .” It has become a symbolic architecture and a wonderful place for tourists to Shanghai.
  • Jing a temple : Jing’an Temple is one of the Most famous temples in Shanghai situated in the West Nanjing Road, the flourishing downtown area of Shanghai. In 1983, it was put on the list of national key protection. Tourists love this temple because it is a traditional element placed in a very modern area.