Counterfeiters in China

Counterfeiters in China take the advantage of online retails’s boom. Luxury brands such as Chanel, Rabanne Paco, and Lauren Ralph are the main brand of perfume counterfeiting. The number of Chinese counterfeit products accounted for 70% of the global market. Counterfeit products mainly come from some developing country with a strong manufacturing base and low-income levels.

Counterfeit perfume products are sold in a variety of forms, from the finished product to the empty bottles, labels, and packaging and other homemade perfumes materials. Website of electronic business in China, including Gumtree, Alibaba, and eBay all may sell fake products.

Daxue Conseil - Le marché du cosmétique en Chine

Market Research

Recent research made by Daxue Consulting finds that the total sales of high-end beauty products in the United State are $16 billion, of which the perfume accounted for 1/3. In 2014, counterfeit perfume makes companies perfume sales decreased by $1 billion. If companies took the right measures, it is possible to avoid such online sales fraud. In order to achieve this goal, the first step is to establish an online brand protection strategy as soon as possible and continue to dig and clean up fakes. The electronic business website needs to pay more attention to corporate ethics and establish related counterfeiting mechanism, in order to intensify the crackdown on the website and business.

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