Demand for the avocado in China is significantly lower, due to the growing trend as a food popular among the middle class is now an important product in China’s supermarkets. However, in early 2000, avocados were just sold in major cities, such as Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai, where there was a large number of foreigners. And only a small selection of large hotels with expatriates cooks associate counsel their menu.

China started to import the avocados in 2013, this time, the sale of avocados in China were specially designed to trade in the hotels. With the urbanization and rising living standards of Chinese, Western food has become more popular in China, and the avocado ended up on the shopping lists of half the country’s middle class.

Avocado Market in China

Mexico and Chile are the main importers of avocados. But with the increase in demand, many exporters are called to take part in China market. Indeed, countries like New Zealand and Peru also expressed a desire to sell their excess production in China. Despite, Mexico remains the largest supplier firms with nearly 58 percent of total world production, and its exports to China rose to three digits in recent years.

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