In general, the honey market in China is developing steadily. The number of swarms reached 7.8 million in 1988, and the decade after that is an adjustment period. In 2015, this number reached the 10 million. The production value of beekeeping was about 4 billion RMB in 2011. The honey yield was about 500 thousand tons in 2015.

Besides, the market has an increasingly strong power of manufacturing and exportation. The new standards of manufacturing and systems appeared gradually in 2005, 2009 and 2011, indicating the process of standardization. On the exportation side, more and more companies export their honey to other countries, the number of the sales reached 125 thousand tons in 2013. It occupied 26.88% of the whole yields in China.

Meanwhile, Chinese companies have been pursuing innovation. For example, the honey company Guanshengyuan makes a powder version of honey for its better storage and transportation. Another one Wang’s honey company introduces the foreign honey as their new product to attract the consumers.

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