Air pollution in China

The devastation of ” Airpocalypse ” continues in China. And figures have enough to turn the head: the air pollution due to the fine particles PM2,5 (those of a diameter lower than 2,5 micrometers, which nest profoundly in lungs) kills 1,6 million people every year in the Middle Kingdom, that is more than 4 000 a day, what represents 1 premature dead man on 6 in the country. It is the conclusions of a led study by the Californian university of Berkeley (United States), that must be published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE next week.

This study is not the first one to reveal the area of the misdeeds of the Chinese smog. In 2012, an article published in the British medical magazine(review) The Lancet had already calculated that 1,2 million people would die prematurely because of the atmospheric pollution in the country. This time, the searches for the Californian university used the recent data of surveillance(supervision) of the air quality supplied by the Chinese authorities. Click here to know more about the China market.

Measurement from American Scientists

American scientists analyzed four months of real time data, raised(found) every hour in 1 500 measurement stations distributed in the country. Four pollutants are measured: the fine particles, the sulfur dioxide, the nitrogen dioxide and the ozone. They then used a model of the World Health Organization (WHO) to translate these levels of pollution into mortality rate. The latter is bound(connected) to five diseases: the intellectual vascular accidents, the coronary diseases, the lung cancers, the obstructive chronic broncho-pneumopathies and the infections of the lower respiratory tracts.

As a result: between April 5th and August 5th, 2014, 92 % of the population had undergone an “unhealthy” air (according to the American standards) during at least 120 hours, and 38 % had been displayed(exposed) to it on all the four months. Over this period, the average exhibition(exposure) of the Chinese in the PM2,5 was 52 micrograms per cubic meter of air ( µg / m3 ), while the WHO plans maximal values of 10 µg / m3 on average annual.

The pollution is a plague for the whole China. Because if the main affected regions are situated east of the country (essentially the corridor between Beijing, in the northeast, and Shanghai in the southeast), the center is not saved because of the traffic of atmospheric pollutants. Is from the country, in particular the large cities, is responsible for the majority of emissions.

What are the main cause?

The pollution of vehicles first of all, which reject some nitrogen dioxide and fine particles (for the diesel engines). But especially, the heating during winter, and construction and industry, which(who) work largely in the coal. China pulls(fires) 64 % of its energy of this ore, the most polluting fuels, what makes it the first world transmitter(issuer) of greenhouse gas. Committed in a ” war against the pollution “, her however planned the stop(ruling) of hundred coal-based power plants by 2017, for the benefit of the gas and the renewable energies.