The marketing of champagne in China

Because of the limited experience and time, this research attempts to analyze ways and problems of selling champagnes in China is more in my own perspective, and is almost not involved in professional knowledge such as 4PS and SWOT’s analysis. Thanks for your understanding.

Since 2011,China has emerged as the world’s fifth biggest wine market while the sales of champagne only accounted for 1%.Using this statistic to start my study is to emphatically point out the business slump of champagnes in China——in such a plentiful drinking country with such a broad prospect,the market orientation of champagne selling is really awkward to some extent.

The first problem is about the market promotion.Long time ago,champagne was known as “the wine for celebration”and”the wine drinked in some special occasions”,which remains today.In another side,the statistics shows that 17.1 percent of drinkers are  18 to 28 years old, and people aged from 29 to 39 years old account for another 66.7 percent,while college or bachelor above account for 78.1%.It seems like young man with better education is the most potential consumer group because once they started to drink,there will be a long-term personal consumption and it’s more likely to call on friends around in this age group on account of their social activities.Nonetheless,the fact is that young people have few chances to be acquainted with champagne unfortunately,which calls for more advertisement on champagne I think.

The second problem is owing to the Chinese diet culture.Chinese people love drinking alcoholic till they feel getting the knock on some occasions whereas the alcohol content of champagne is not high enough to make someone drunk unless he drinks a large amount of champagnes.Besides that,champagne is difficult to match with other food in a chinese diet indeed.I’ve browsed vcseason’s website and their recommandation about the food matching with champagne,such as “chevret””raspberry”,is really unfamiliar to common chinese people.

daxue consulting_champagne consumption in China

The last problem is about the packing.In China,a nice packing does play a role when people face the shopping choice.Sometimes it is more important than the product itself.For instance,people prefer to buy the mooncakes which are better packed however they taste like.This results that sometimes packing cost can be higher than the cost of making.And when I browsing some shopping sites,I find that maybe the packing of the imported champagne is some kind of simple.On the contrary,some cheap sparkling wine made in China is attractive packed.So I consider that maybe the champagne should be repacked after import to adapt to the Chinese market.


In my point of view,the key step of active demand for champagne is spreading it through all the methods especially Weichat andWeibo popular in youth.It’s a common perception that people pay more attention on healthy diet recently.So I advocate that we should advertise many of champagne’s health benefits due to its trace minerals to meet the needs of people at present,just like why oolong tea sprung up in every supermarket and restaurant ten years ago in Japan.

By Daxue Consulting