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Market Report in China

Market report delivers vital market information on an industry or a sector. Market report is needed when a new player is trying to enter an existing market; an organization seeks to evaluate its market strategies; a company tries to understand its position in the market or when an organization tries to evaluate the performance of its frontline staff, etc. A market report is the combined effort of market research and detailed analyses on the following most common research areas:

market report China

Research Areas of market report in China :

  • Daxue ResearchSize of the market
    • Rules and regulations imposed in the regional market
    • Trade rules and regulations
    • Socio-economic development surrounding the market
    • Production areas and points of sale
    • Market segmentation
    • Existing key players and potential competitors in the market
    • Performance of existing players or the requesting clients themselves
    • Cost and profitability
    • Global market trends
    • Viable market strategies

Marketing Report

A marketing report in China is needed, for example, when a company chooses to expand his retail in mainland China. It is very important that the following information are in his mind: distribution of his competitors in the desired districts, the income and the age level of the people in those districts, the cost and the profitability, how his competitors are performing, as well as effective marketing strategies, etc. A marketing report is able to help our client get hold of all this information. In order to produce an accurate market report, market research that is carried out has to take the following factors into account:
• Purpose and objectives of the study
• Profiles of the intermediaries (Language (Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuan language), age, gender, income, etc)
• Profiles of the requesting clients
• Time frames within which different steps of the study are carried out
• Geographical and cultural impacts of the different contexts upon the study
• Cross-checking of the data gathered
Some of the most common research methods are explained here:
• Textual research: Gathering of information through various forms of publications such as books, magazines, newspapers, journals and periodicals, etc
• Interview: Interview with people with expertise in the relevant industry, targeted potential clients or potential competitors. Questions are open-ended for gathering opinion and perspectives
• Questionnaire: Questionnaires with close-ended questions, targeted towards reaching a wider population on their points of view
• Focus group: A group of people gathered with profile requirements and sampled for their opinion.
• Mystery Shopping & Store Check: Mystery shoppers and store checkers are used to visit retail stores or points of sale to gather information or evaluate products and staff performance.

market report in China

Delivery of market analysis

There are multiple ways in terms of delivering a market research, including:
• Analysis of the existing market with the existing rules and regulations
• Figures and graphs on Industrial trends within the region, the countries in relation to the global trends
• Existing competitors in the industry
• Summary sheets on previously successful market strategies
• Benchmarking against well-performing players and their market strategies
• Recommendations on the market strategies
• Individual / counter / country evaluation reports

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