Daxue Consulting for Reuters: China’s bright food to buy control of Israel’s Tuna to boost dairy sales

Daxue Consulting is a leading market research company in China. In particular, it is renowed as one of the true expert on Chinese food & beverage sector. 

The firm, and its founder Matthieu David Experton, has recently been interviewed by Reuters to share knowledge on Tuna market in China. 

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“China is still a niche market but there’s lots of room for growth. We’re getting increasing interest from international clients who are interested in China,” said Matthieu David-Experton, Shanghai-based CEO at Daxue Consulting.

“The imported aspect is key because it makes it a more premium product in China and plays into the food safety trend,” he said.



Matthieu David Experton Daxue Consulting

Daxue Consulting for Reuters