The Store-Checkers looks to simplify retail audit in China

The Store-Checkers answers unmet needs in China

The Store-Checkers

The Store-Checkers is a recently launched firm in Shanghai looking to improve the way people gather and analyze data in store. The team of expert offers services such as Mystery shopping, price reporting and, of course, store check.

For the client, the promise is to get better understanding of their position and their displaying into their distribution channel.

Indeed, in China today, many manufacturers can built a solid network and enter in large distribution channel. However, it is still quite complex to understand how these channel are working, and more importantly, how the terms of the agreement between brands and distributors are followed in shops. Thus, store checks are crucial to make sure that your products are correctly display and, generally speaking, that your brand has the same image and presence in store and out of store.

The Store-Checkers’ team has strong experience of China Market

Therefore, The Store-Checkers team provides all the tools to get regular and reliable in store checks. The strong experience of Chinese market of its staff also ensures you to enjoy valuable and easy-to-implement solutions when potential problems or risks are identified.

These tools include reliable fieldwork staff that covers all region and cities of China. The Store-checkers enjoys in particular a large network of universities among the best in China.

An application to optimize store-checks in China

The Store-Checkers also and mainly developed an innovative and pioneering application which allows:

  • The subscriber to fill store-check questionnaire at any time, thanks to their mobile phone and the user friendly app.
  • The Store-Checker expert team to guarantee the reliability and the quality of the data gathered; as the respondents have to take a picture to prove their answer and as some data experts will check every finding to remove the less realistic results
  • The client to get updated and daily data, from all over China in any place and at any time, thanks to the application interface showing figures and graphs.

Store Checks in China


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