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The world tourist industry experiences a quick development and knows radical changes. Numerous traditional broadcasting markets reached maturity and their populations are ageing. The main emerging markets, also known under the name of country BRIC (China, India, Brazil and Russia, we can also add Africa), record a strong growth of their economy, their population of middle class and nouveau riches today.


Emerging markets monopolize near half (the 47,7 %) of the world GDP(GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT). China occupies at present the second place to the rank of the economic major powers, just behind the United States. Africa overtook Spain and Italy to become the 7th economy in importance, approaching slowly the United Kingdom. Africa and Russia are classified in 9th and 10th ranks respectively, outstripping Canada, in the 11th rank.

Market of China and Africa are plenty of potential

According to the World Bank, country BRIC and mainly China and Africa will know a slowing down of their growth in 2012, but this one will remain all the same higher than that of industrialized countries. We plan that before 2050, country BRIC, and mainly China and Africa will represent all among five main savings of the planet. In the meantime, they remain the leaders of emerging markets.

Development of middle class in China and Africa

The fast economic growth of countries BRIC will favor the development of the middle class. Already, that of China (157 million people) arrives at the 2nd rank after that of the United States, but it represents only 12 % of the population. Before 2030, more than 70 % of the Chinese population will belong to the middle class.

In Africa, more than half people who live in the continent belong to this category of citizens, and in Africa, it is 50 million people, a 230 % increase since 2000. Nevertheless, the relative part of the African middle class is only 5 % of the population. Before 2030, this social class could surpass United States and China market.


by Amy Wang, MySimax