SJ Grand offers accountancy solution in China

SJ Grand

According to the report on worldwide investment 2013 posted by the CNUCED, China is the second destination for foreign direct investment. China is also leading the ranking of most attractive economy for worldwide companies for the period 2013-2015.

SJ Grand offers solution to simplify these investments in China. When it comes to establishing a company in China (a WFOE or a joint venture), foreign companies often meet many issues related to taxes and accountancy in China. S.J. Grand is a boutique professional services firm meeting foreign investors’ needs in China by providing tax and accounting services to foreign-invested companies.

SJ Grand is looking to simplify all the daily operation of foreign society in China

SJ Grand offers cost-effective individual in individual and corporate tax planning, outsourced payroll management, audit and limited review. These services are directly related to the main needs SJ Grand’s team identified over the years with its clients, which include established market leaders and SME companies.

“We are involved in all the daily operation a foreign society might have to do in China”, told us a member of SJ Grand. “For instance the calculation of payroll, bonuses and insurance duties for Chinese and foreign employees can create managerial problem for foreign companies. We are used to provide to manage the whole process, to avoid administrative error: implementation of salary payment, declaration, salary sheets and tax filling.

 SJ Grand’s team has strong experience of China tax and law

“We have really a team of expert”, the consultant from SJ Grand told us. “We have a multi-cultural team, with strong background in Finance, law and accountancy in China. Each member is a specialist on a specific field and we can meet any need in China”.

Indeed, SJ Grand offices, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong consist of valuable experts, with education in the best universities in China.

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