Daxue Consulting offers Branding strategy solution in China

Daxue Consulting

It is a fact. Today, China is the most attractive market in the world, especially for brands. Its huge market demand and its great potential of growth is a promise of business development for every brand. However, it can be difficult to build an efficient branding strategy in China and there is a multitude of example of failure in China Market. Daxue Consulting is a market research agency which looks to assist the development of foreign brands in China.

Daxue Consulting explains the importance of adapting your strategy to the local market

Daxue Consulting

A consultant of Daxue Consulting told us “At the beginning of the China economic growth, many foreign brands only saw China as a giant and reliable market where you just have to do strong investment on communication to succeed as a brand”. Indeed, the multitude of example of failure shows that without any adaptation to the local market, your brand will just not meet its target. “Today, the brand are in general aware of this need to adapt any strategy, even the most successful one in Western countries, to the China’s customs and to the Chinese consumers culture”, said Daxue Consulting’s consultant. “Moreover, they are most of time a bit afraid of this gap between Western and Asian culture. Therefore, a service as Daxue Consulting offer is crucial for their development”.

Daxue Consulting has a strong experience of Branding in China

Daxue Consulting has a multicultural team, with a strong experience of China Market. “Having a multicultural team is essential for us, as we should firstly understand the culture of the client to adapt its strategy to the China’s market without change its identity”, added Daxue’s consultant. “Then, our extremely strong expertise of China market enables us to find the best way to build a powerful branding strategy in China”.

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