In China, the popularity of the ski quickly increased, arousing the development of the sector.

The industry of the ski in China knew a fast growth. From 1996 to 2010, we consider that the number of followers of the ski passed about 10 000 about 5 millions. In 1980, China counted only 3 ski resorts. Today, it counts at least 70, and certain sources state 200 centres of ski. Whereas stations older improve their installations, new stations come on stage every year.

The development of the industry quibbles of the ski been the object of a lot of attention on an international scale and attract the investments on behalf of the biggest names of the world of the ski.

We maybe overestimated and promoted to the excess the vigour of the Chinese market of the ski: several Chinese ski resorts do not receive so many visitors as planned and number of promoters still waits to make profitable the invested capital.

In China, to ski is a luxury trend, fed by well provided beginners.

The development of the ski with China rests on the increase of the personal fortunes. The Chinese ski runs are dominated by novice skiers. Most of the Chinese who venture on this sport ski only only once. The experimented skiers are rare.

The ski wins in popularity as family activity and tends to be accompanied with shopping, with exits to the restaurant and with tourist visits. The rate of rent of equipment of ski is raised; we consider that it concerns approximately 90 % of the visitors.

China does not still possess its own culture of the ski. Generally, ski resorts try to imitate the installations and the western services.The industry of the ski in China was slowed down by the mediocre reputation of its services and the installations of lower quality